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INT301 - ColdFusion for Web Applications Next Course Dates Call for schedule Call for schedule
Cost / Duration Price: US $1,995, UK £1,495 + VAT | Duration :4 days


Familiarity with at least one high level programming language, comfortable with using MS-Windows. Some familiarity with basic database concepts.

Who Should Attend?

Webmasters, programmers and Application developers wishing to use ColdFusion to create Web database applications.
Course Overview

Students will learn the benefits of using Cold Fusion to create dynamic, data driven web sites. In addition they will learn how to use SQL to create complex queries, and JavaScript to perform client side scripting.

Like all Web Tech classes, this course divides it's time equally between instructor led tuition and practical exercises, and each student has their own high spec P.C.
You Will Learn How To

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. The course is 50% lecture, 50% practical. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • New rules for HTML (XHTML) and how to conert from HTML to XHTML
  • How to validate your XHTML
  • Use HomeSite to create and edit ColdFusion applications
  • Design and create a relational database
  • Link a database to the ColdFusion Server using the ColdFusion Administrator
  • Create simple ColdFusion application using CFML
  • Create and include ColdFusion templates
  • Create CFQUERY blocks and SQL statements that query a database
  • Debug ColdFusion applications
  • Create a ColdFusion application that queries a database based on user input
  • Dynamically populate form fields
  • Use conditional logic to manipulate application flow
  • Utilize JavaScript for client side scripting
  • Use SQL to perform complex database queries

Course Content













Introduction to HTML
What is HTML? | HTML Toolkits | HTML TAGS | Document Layout | Content Formatting | Hyperlinks | Images & Image Maps | Tables | Frames | Cascading Style Sheets | Forms | Inegrating Java Applets | Using Visual Interdev

New standard for HTML | XHTML rules | Converting from HTML to XHTML | Validating XHTML

Introduction to JavaScript
Using JavaScript for client side scripting | What is JavaScript? | Variables | Input & Output | Conditionals | Events | Browser Manipulation | The Document Object Model | Flow Contro | Functions | Parameters & arguments | Form Validation | Reading and writing cookies | Using Visual Interdev | Using cookies to store user information | Working with multiple browser windows | Preloading images for speed | Implementing slide shows and image rollovers | Performing client side validation | Validating credit cards, dates, and email addresses | Effective use of timers

Standard SQL in Depth
Thorough introduction to SQL | Inserting, updating, & deleting | Grouping & Having clauses | Aggregate functions | Nested queries | Left, Right and Full outer joins | SQL Data Definition Language | Parameterized & linked queries

Introduction to Cold Fusion
Overview of ColdFusion | Exploring HomeSite 4.0 | Observing ColdFusion in Action

Creating a database for use with ColdFusion
Planning Your Database | Creating Tables | Relationships Between Fields

Connecting a database to the ColdFusion server
ColdFusion Database Administration

Getting Started with CFML
CFML and HTML | Creating and Reusing Templates

Querying a Database and Displaying the Results
Creating Simple Queries | ColdFusion Debugging Tools

Creating User-Defined Queries with Forms
ColdFusion and Forms | Creating a Form Action Page | Dynamically Populating Form Fields

Conditional Expressions
Conditional Logic

Additional information: White Papers:
ColdFusion Configuration Whitepaper | Installation Whitepaper

Design Considerations
Choosing the right formatting | Creating a date stamp | Enabling Data Drill-down | Outputting images dynamically

Updating Records
Creating database front-ends | Recording the date and time of an update

Inserting and Deleting Records
Inserting records wth an SQL INSERT INTO statement | Deleting records

Validating Data Entry Fields
Validating form input | A more customized approach to form field validation | Re-populating forms after submission

Creating a Keyword Search Application
Creating smart search applications

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