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C# 4.0 Training Course for Delphi Developers - C# 4.0 Training Course Outline

.NET for Delphi Developers using C# 4.0
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click here to send an email RE this course.
Cost / Duration
Price: US $2,295, UK £1,795 + VAT | Duration: 5 days


Anyone experienced with Delphi wanting to apply his or her Delphi knowledge to Visual Studio 2010 .NET. Anyone wanting to understand the relative benefits of Delphi and .NET

Who Should Attend?
Students should have been using Delphi on a regular basis for at least 12 months. Familiarity with Object Oriented Programming, and database concepts. If you don't have a good knowledge of Delphi, then our C# fundamentals class is a better course.

Course Benefits

This C# 4.0 .NET training course for Delphi developers is an intensive hands on introduction to .NET using the C# 4.0 language, for experienced Delphi developers. Leverage your existing Delphi skills by concentrating on those areas of .NET that are different from Delphi. Covers all the new features in C# 3.0 and C# 4.0.

Learn which parts of your Delphi knowledge can be directly applied to .NET. Discover the areas where .NET is better than Delphi, and where Delphi is better than .NET, so that you can make an informed choice for your next development project.

You Will Learn How To


  • Write .NET Windows applications in C#
  • Use the Visual Studio IDE
  • Learn the C# Language from first principles
  • Create sophisticated Windows GUIs using FCL components and GDI+
  • Write database applications using ADO.NET
  • Create .NET class libraries, and shared assemblies
  • Sign assemblies with a public/private RSA encryption key
  • Deploy .NET apps & shared assemblies using the Windows Installer
  • Deploy .NET apps w/standalone setup programs or Web based deployment
  • Utilize generics and interfaces
  • Dispose of sensitve resources before the garbage collector runs

Course Content

Visual Studio IDE
Overview of the Visual Studio 2010 .NET IDE | The Visual Studio environment | Basic IDE skills | Using the editor | Solutions and Assemblies | Creating, saving, compiling and running Windows applications | The Visual Studio debugger.

Windows Forms
Creating a Windows Forms solution | Designing the user interface | FCL components and their VCL equivalent | Using the form designer | Using pop-up and pull-down menus | Control interaction and event handling | Modal and non-modal windows

The C# Language
Overview of C# | Syntax differences between C# and Object Pascal | Data types and the CLS | Reference vs. Value types | Constants and variables | Arrays, indexers and collections | Custom attributes | Exception handling | Preprocessor directives | Modules and namespaces | Generics | New features in C# 3.0 and C# 4.0

Object Oriented Programming
Everything is a class | Boxing and un-boxing | Defining classes and creating objects | Properties | Methods | Interfaces | Delegates | Events | Static members | Inheritance and Polymorphism | Nested classes | Structs | Implementing Interfaces| New features in C# 3.0 and C# 4.0

The Microsoft .NET Framework
The CLR, managed code, MSIL and just-in-time compiling | Garbage collection | The FCL classes and namespaces | Working with text | GDI+ | ADO.NET | Built in Classes | File I/O | Working with XML

Assembly types, strong names and code signing | The global assembly cache | Deployment scenarios | Creating a setup program

Database Programming
Learn about components and classes used for database programming | Data binding on web forms and window forms | Efficiency vs convenience tradeoffs with database programming strategies. | Applying changes and the briefcase model

Practical Sessions

  • Write lots of small programs in C# using Visual Studio .NET 2010
  • Implement multi form applications with a variety of controls and event handlers
  • Write database applications in C# using Visual Studio .NET 2010
  • Create and test a windows installer installation
  • Implement standard interfaces in your own classes
  • Ensuring sensitive resources are disposed of before the garbage collector runs

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