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INT101 - ecommerce; Building Interactive Web Sites Next Course Dates Call for schedule    
Cost / Duration Price: US $1,995, UK £1,495 + VAT | Duration :4 days


Students must be comfortable with basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, and sub-routines. No specific language is required and no knowledge of Internet / Web development is assumed.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for programmers and Webmasters involved in creating Internet and Web applications.
Course Benefits

Students will learn the various technologies required for Internet and Web development. They will learn how the technologies work together, and how to choose the correct tool for the task at hand. They will learn how to create secure, interactive Web sites which perform e-commerce. At the end of the course, students will be proficient in HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and will know which technologies work best in which situations. 
You Will Learn How To

  • Design interactive Web sites which retrieve data from server databases
  • Use Javascript to perform client side scripting
  • Write HTML
  • Use dynamic HTML to control the browser
  • New rules for HTML (XHTML) and how to conert from HTML to XHTML
  • How to validate your XHTML
  • Execute SQL on the server to retrieve, add, update, and delete database records
  • Use SQL to perform complex database queries
  • Perform secure business transaction

Course Content













Overview of Internet and Intranet
TCP/IP | IP addresses and domain names | Resolving names to addresses | Internetworking | Sockets | Development options [CGI programs, Server side scripting, Client side scripting]

Web Design Issues
Browser compatibility concerns | You don't own the resources | WYSIWYMG | High traffic web sites Security Issues | Java security | Javascript security | VBScript security | CGI security | Firewalls | Encryption and digital signatures | SSL (secure sockets)

Internet Information Server Overview
IIS features | Installing and managing web applications with IIS

Introduction to HTML
Overview of tags | Writing by hand | Using tools to generate HTML | Using Forms | Sending Email | Image maps | Document object model | Cascading stylesheets | Integrating Java Applets | Using Visual Interdev

New standard for HTML | XHTML rules | Converting from HTML to XHTML | Validating XHTML

Introduction to JavaScript
Using JavaScript for client side scripting | What is JavaScript? | Variables | Input & Output | Conditionals | Events | Browser Manipulation | The Document Object Model | Flow Contro | Functions | Parameters & arguments | Form Validation | Reading and writing cookies | Using Visual Interdev | Using cookies to store user information | Working with multiple browser windows | Preloading images for speed | Implementing slide shows and image rollovers | Performing client side validation | Validating credit cards, dates, and email addresses | Effective use of timers

Perl & CGI | The Perl language | Processing text | Working with files | Sending email | Processing HTML forms | Creating files

Standard SQL in Depth
Thorough introduction to SQL | Inserting, updating, & deleting | Grouping & Having clauses | Aggregate functions | Nested queries | Left, Right and Full outer joins | SQL Data Definition Language | Parameterized & linked queries


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